Online Conference

ICBioMed 2022 is planned to be held on November 6 2022 at Stanford. In consideration of the variants of the coronavirus continuously being discovered and corresponding restrictions, the Organizing Committee has to regretfully move this conference online. We believe the online conference could also be a platform for us to share, discuss, and exchange thoughts in relevant fields. ICBioMed 2022 will invite distinguished scholars and researchers to deliver speeches at the online conference. We are hoping the pandemic to soon come to an end and we could see each other at Stanford next year.

Overall Format

All invited authors at the virtual conference will be giving their presentations using pre-recorded videos. The recommended length of the videos is between 10 and 15 minutes. An official YouTube channel of the online conference will be created. All accepted videos will be uploaded to our channel. Discussion on the content of the papers will be conducted in the comment section of the videos. You can refer to the ICBioMed 2021 YouTube Channel for more information about the format of the conference.

Information for Authors

Treated in the same way as an onsite conference, speakers in the online conference will also receive a printed certificate of oral presentation. The presentation videos will be listed on the official YouTube channel permanently.

Important Dates

Dates (UTC-8) Events
October 25 Video Submission Deadline
November 7 Online Conference Begins
November 14 Questions Collection Deadline
November 20 Questions must be replied before this date

Conference Fees

Viewers of the online conference do not need to pay the conference participation fee. However, invited authors need to pay the processing fee.

Record & Upload Videos

Invited presenters can follow the instruction to record and upload your presentations. Every presenter should make their own slides including one designated cover slide and record a video within the time limit. The recommended length of the videos is between 10 and 15 minutes. The video and slides should be in widescreen format (16:9). The slides can be created in any presentation software, e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, etc., which allows you to export slides to PDF. You should upload the final video as well as the exported slides in PDF format to and email the link to us. Download THIS FILE to look through more information.

Download Links

Instruction: Click Here

Cover Slide: Click Here

Discussion Format

Comments and discussions are welcomed in the comment section of the videos. All participants may send the questions to us via email as well. We will send those questions privately to authors and the deadline for them to reply is November 14th. All the discussions will be concluded and posted in the comment section at last.


  • It's too slow when I upload my video and presentation PDF file to / I can't access

  • You can choose other online storage platforms (, are our other recommendations) to upload your files. If your email service has the ability to send large files within their system, you could also send the files directly to us. PLEASE DO NOT upload the video directly to YouTube or any other video hosting websites by yourself and send us a link to it.